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Starting off the 2015 book roundups

Dance 'Til Dawn

Dance ‘Til Dawn

Grabbed from Amazon:

  • Dance ‘Til Dawn, by Genevieve Griffin. This being a novella retelling the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale, with the particularly nice twist that the heroine is not actually one of the princesses: she’s one of the seamstresses responsible for replacing their shoes. Lovely and lyrical and creepy. Author’s a friend (featured before on Boosting the Signal!) and I’ve read an earlier draft of this already; very pleased to get the finished product.

And, snagged from B&N:

  • Jacaranda, by Cherie Priest. Because I’ll pretty much buy any word this woman writes. Her latest in the Clockwork Century universe, another novella, which promises to deliver some creepy. And this has the same nun who was in Dreadful Skin–a very badass nun indeed, Sister Eileen Callahan.

This is the first book roundup of 2015! So far, two for the year.

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