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Maintenance alert for

Attention everybody:

Dara needs to take down our web server this morning for security maintenance, so my website, hers, and all others we host will be temporarily inaccessible for a while this morning. Please stand by and we’ll post another update when web services are restored!

ETA: Web maintenance is now complete. Please let Dara or me know if any of our web resources look b0rked!

ETA #2: Second round of maintenance will be happening TONIGHT. Dara has to do our other server, door. So we’ll have another round of inaccessibility this evening as she works on that. Watch this space for further details.

ETA #3: updates are confirmed finished for the evening, so far as we know. Dara finished before I got home, but we should be good. Please let Dara or me know if you see any weirdness visiting any of the sites we host.

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