Boosting the Signal

Boosting the Signal apologies, general reminders, and upcoming dates

Some Boosting the Signal updates, folks.

First up, my profoundest apologies to Rhonda Garcia! I’d arranged with her to put up a post on May 30th, and completely spaced on getting it ready. So I’ll be getting a post ready for her ASAP, and y’all will be getting a special bonus Boosting the Signal post this weekend! Watch for that link to go up today!

Also, it came to my attention that I misspelled the name of Kimberley Long-Ewing, on her post here. Apologies to Kimberley as well!


I also would like to note that for the next several weeks, Boosting the Signal posts are going to be somewhat erratic as I need to focus on writing Victory of the Hawk. On Friday June 13th in particular, I’m going to not have a post at all on the grounds that I get to have dental surgery. JOY OH GLEE!

However, I will have a post coming from author Emma Barry on June 20th. I don’t have anything scheduled for July, but I’ll have another one coming from Anna Kashina on August 8th–and THEN, I’ll have Chaz Brenchley on August 15th!


Although I’ve been a little erratic on getting these posts up, I’m greatly enjoying sharing them with you all. I’m particularly charmed by some of the more creative responses I’ve been seeing to the theme of “character goals”.

Once I get Victory of the Hawk written, I’ll look forward to resuming scheduling of posts. And I will be pestering authors I know to get me submissions! Stand by for more news on that as it happens!

I hope y’all are enjoying reading these as much as I’m posting them!

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