The Murkworks mail and mailing lists still down

FYI to all, our mail server at remains down. Dara tried to swap out the power supply last night, but that didn’t work, so now she’s working on swapping out the motherboard in the system in question.

Anyone who usually gets mail on our system, please tell folks to contact you via alternate email addresses today if they need to. If you need to ping me by email, my annathepiper address on gmail will work.

Mailing lists that we host remain also out of commission (which is particularly irritating to me, given that we just took over the filk list)!

Web services however are UP, and all web sites that we host should be working correctly, since we keep web sites on one of the other servers.

More bulletins as events warrant.

ETA: The attempt to install the motherboard was UNSUCCESSFUL. It’s apparently dead. So I’ll be going out to get us a fresh one for Dara to install. Watch this post for further updates!

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