Valor of the Healer

A Valor of the Healer review!

I spotted this first on Goodreads, then confirmed the link via Google Alerts: the Demon Librarian has put up a loverly four-star review of Valor of the Healer!

This makes the first official review I’ve seen posted on a standalone site (as opposed to on Amazon or Goodreads). And there’s some good commentary there, including about the cover. (The reviewer is right, the character portrayed on Valor‘s cover is actually quite a bit more badass-looking than the Faanshi in the Valor of the Healer Movie In My Brain. I reconcile this by thinking of cover!Faanshi as how she might eventually look in another five or ten years!)

And now, I am Anna’s Vague Startlement That People She Does Not Actually Personally Know Are In Fact Reading and Reviewing Her Work!

The Valor of the Healer page has been updated to include this review link, and while I’m at it, I also spotted that there’s a page up for Valor now on LibraryThing. So if any of y’all out there are users of that site, there you go!

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