Faerie Blood

Temporary extension on the Faerie Blood sale!

As y’all know, Internets, I had announced that the Faerie Blood sale would end on January 31st. So when the calendar rolled over to February 1st, I reset the price on the Faerie Blood ebook to $4.99 on the various places where it’s sold.

It is now correct everywhere except for Amazon’s US site, which for some reason is still convinced that the price is $2.99. I have an open support request to them about this, since as near as I can tell this means that their servers think that they should be price-matching against some other site when this is no longer actually the case.

But what it means for YOU, if you’re a US-based Kindle owner, is that OH HEY, the book is still on sale! So grab it for $2.99 while the grabbing is good!

Also, for those of you who are NOT US-based Kindle owners, since the price is actually correct everywhere else and I don’t want to stiff you out of an ongoing sales price, tell you what–I will hand-sell you the book in the format of your choice until the Amazon price resets itself.

ETA: Ah, comprehension dawns! Poked around the other places where the book is on sale and determined that while Smashwords HAS deployed the price reset out to Sony, Sony hasn’t caught up yet. So the book is still $2.99 on the Sony store. So if you’re a reader on that platform, you can scarf it for the sales price from that site right now too.

When Sony finally catches up though, Amazon should reset too.

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