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Plug post for three Kickstarters!

And now, three quick comments about Kickstarters currently on my radar!

First up, I give you take two of Leannan Sidhe’s attempt to fund her second album! Her first attempt sadly failed so she’s trying again with revised rewards and a lower funding target. She’s one of the musicians who’ll be working on the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker soundtrack, so I highly encourage you to check this project out if you haven’t already!

Secondly, here’s a kid’s adventure game that was brought to my attention, targeted for launch on PC and Mac browsers as well as iOS. Looks like it might be fun, so if you’ve got kids for whom this might appeal, give it a look!

And last but not least, indie magazine Crossed Genres needs to raise funds to continue publication, so here’s their project to do that! I’ve jumped in myself to support this one, with an eye for all the ebook goodies they’re offering to some of the lower tiers of supporters. But more importantly, there’s a promise of ongoing indie, QUILTBAG-friendly SF here, and I’m all about that.

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