Great Big Sea

T-14 days and counting to VERTICAL MOVEMENT

Two weeks from today, my beloved B’ys will be arriving at the Moore to sing to me!

Well, okay, and userinfomamishka and userinfojennygriffee and userinfotechnoshaman and userinfomaellenkleth and userinfosutures1 and a few thousand other people as well. That’s okay. Because I am a person of STRONG CHARACTER, I will SHARE.

I know several of the usual Seattle suspects will be showing up for this show, too, so if you’re going to be there don’t hesitate to sing out! I and mine are discussing an Eat Dinner at The Night Kitchen Beforehand Plan, but I’m also thinking of coming down early to blow the afternoon in Pike Place and Barnes and Noble. So if anybody wants to meet up for lunch, there’s ample opportunity for that too.

And, of course, consider yourselves warned that I will be ramping up the insufferably bouncy swooniness and singing GBS songs at the top of my lungs for the next two weeks. “Yes yes yes,” I hear you say, “but how is this different from your USUAL demeanor?” Fair point, well argued. The main difference is, I’ll be doing it LOUDER.

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