Daniel Craig + Old West + aliens + Harrison Ford = AWESOME

I just saw this post go up on, and most of it I was all “yeah yeah yeah whatever” about, until I got to the trailer at the bottom.

The one that involves Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in a movie set in the Old West with ALIENS. Money quote:

If you need one guy to send those aliens running back to space with their tentacles between their tentacles, it’s Daniel Craig. Basically, if you are engaged in any sort of endeavor and wish to achieve victory, you call Daniel Craig. He’s the English Steve McQueen, it’s almost an unfair fight. But considering that in the Old West, without even the A-bomb to halt the aliens’ malevolence, you need a bit of an edge. So get Daniel Craig on alien-ass-kicking detail, STAT.

And here’s the trailer-y goodness:

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in the same movie? SIGN ME UP!

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