Book buying catchup

Purchased or acquired electronically:

  • Unlocked, a freebie anthology available over here
  • Enchanting the Lady, by Kathryne Kennedy. Freebie historical/paranormal romance from B&N.
  • Warrior, by Zoe Archer. Historical/paranormal romance, previously mentioned as the book with the cover hero who mugged Indiana Jones for his clothes. 😉
  • Scoundrel, also by Zoe Archer, book 2 of the same series as Warrior.

And this puts me at 318 for the year.

I must add that I blazed through Warrior last night, and yeah, it was about what I expected, which is to say, Big Silly Fun. I noted that Books 3 and 4 of the series are about to drop very soon; apparently Zoe Archer must have had them all ready when she got her publishing contract, or something. And I mention this mostly because Book 4 apparently is going to have a black hero who is a scientific and magical genius. This is, in a word, Cool. I really rather like its cover, as much as I liked the ones for Warrior and Scoundrel. For a romance novel, that’s an almost SFnal cover. 🙂

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