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Housekeeping, and a Bone Walker blurb

I got tired of looking at the same theme over and over again, and after a lot of failed attempts to find a new one I liked, I finally settled today on “2010 Weaver”, a child theme of the Twenty Ten default theme that came with WordPress 3.0. The big reason I chose this theme was to take advantage of the ability of WP 3 to do menus–and as you can see if you look at the site (or if you click through off of the LJ or DW versions of this post), I’ve got a fully functioning menu now.

Spent much of this afternoon setting that up and tweaking a bunch of the settings to get it the way I wanted it. Along with twiddling the theme, I also took the time to sweep through all the pages on the site and update them as best I could, so at this point everything should be current. Most notably, I’ve spun off separate sub-pages for both Faerie Blood and Defiance, on the assumption that if I keep selling material, more of my books will want their own sub-pages. I fleshed out each of these new pages with a bit of an excerpt as well.

And, I updated the In Progress page with a current working version of the blurb for Bone Walker! Here it is:

Two months after the rising of her faerie blood and magic, Kendis Thompson thinks she’s starting to get the hang of her altered life. Along with her boyfriend Christopher MacSimidh, she’s learning magic from Millicent, the senior Warder of Seattle. Christopher’s taking to his long-denied Warder power, and all in all, the two are happily pursuing their relationship.

But nogitsune are prowling the city, on the hunt for a fugitive child with powers of her own–and the Unseelie bard Elessir has escaped from his vengeful queen, bringing with him a curse that lashes out to endanger Kendis’ closest friend. Now she must confront these dual threats to her city and her loved ones, along with the uncomfortable truth that there’s much more to her Seelie heritage than she knows.

It’s only a working draft of a blurb, but hey, it’s an incomplete working draft of a novel, so that’s all good. Hope it piques your interest, folks!

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