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Call for beta read on current Lament draft

OKAY! Given my last post, I am now doing an in-depth review of the editorial feedback from Carina Press, and beginning to organize notes for a plan of attack on how to address the various recommendations.

However, given that this will be Lament‘s fifth draft (possibly sixth, if I do a separate word count reduction pass) and I’ve already gotten a little cross-eyed with editing this thing already, fresh eyes on it would be really, really good. So does anybody want to do a read-through for me? Specifically, I need someone who can:

  1. Read the entire manuscript,
  2. Review the list of editorial recommendations,
  3. Tell me if you think they’re reasonable, and
  4. For added bonus points, brainstorm with me on whether the game plan I’m developing to address them is feasible.

Let me emphasize: I need someone who can read the whole manuscript, all 118K words of it. Given that several of these recommendations address the overall structure of the story, a few chapters won’t cut it here. Also, my ideal time frame for this would be “some time before the end of this month”. It’ll take me at least a week or two to really properly hammer out the game plan, and if I could start hardcore edits in October, that would be awesome.

I will trade an equivalent beta read to any of my fellow writers out there for their own work, or do something else nifty in exchange for non-writers!

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