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Anybody who knows me at all knows I am a raving fan of Great Big Sea, the folk band from Canada. And anybody who pays attention to GBS’ various official online presences will know that they have a karaoke video contest in progress for their fans!

Last night, my partner userinfosolarbird and I uploaded our entry for the contest–and its related blooper reel! I have a full post about it on my personal blog over here. And if you want to see the videos directly, you can check ’em out here on my YouTube account!

If you read and liked Faerie Blood, please consider checking out the videos! Great Big Sea was a huge influence on the development of that book, and Christopher in particular. And stick around–’cause if we get onto the finalists list, determined by judges, then it’ll be up to popular vote to see who wins. And I’ll be calling on you all for help!

Did I mention the part where the prize for the contest is four spots on the band’s guest list to one of their forthcoming shows? Consider that mentioned! And always, folks, I thank you for your support! 😀

(Not crossposted anywhere, because if you follow me elsewhere, you’ll have seen me squeeing about this already! And once the contest is over, I swear I’ll get back to working on Bone Walker!)

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