Great Big Sea

Video shooting is COMPLETE!

I’d call this a Special Edition Jam Report, except we didn’t actually Jam. Still, though, we had a good number of the Murkjammers present today for the conclusion of our video shooting for our submission to the Great Big Sea Karaoke Contest! In addition to userinfosolarbird and myself, we had userinfomamishka, userinfosutures1, and userinfotechnoshaman, with surprise bonus userinfotereshkova2001 as Jareth the Goblin King!

Dara has been a GODDESS for this effort, people. I had a few initial ideas for the script, sure, but the visual and sound and general arrangement of shots, not to mention the technical work of actually shooting said shots with her digital camera? That’s ALL been on her. Really, my contribution to this whole shebang has pretty much ‘sing lead and yoink video snippets into iMovie’.

Many thanks must also be given to Meems for primary wardrobe contribution, in order to build a shot which will remain unidentified until the video goes live. But trust me, you’ll know the shot when you see it. ;> Ellen and Glenn also contributed a few wardrobe bits, as did userinfosksouth. Separate kudos to Glenn for shooting assistance both yesterday and today, and Ellen and Meems and Glenn all together for prop and script wrangling!

userinfospazzkat has also come through marvelously, both with initially pointing me at iMovie as the tool to use to pull all this together, AND with building us credits in Flash that I can plug in at the tail end of the video.

And finally, thanks to Torrey for going to the trouble to costume up very nicely for what will be a pretty short shot, in the eventual shipping product.

Now comes the editing like mad in iMovie! We’ll get this done as fast as we can, y’all, and we look very much forward to showing you the final video!

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