Shards of Recollection

More small pointer advancement

It’s been a while since I posted about this, but some of y’all may remember that in addition to Bone Walker and Mirror’s Gate, I have several other barely started works in progress. One of them is currently tentatively titled Shards of Recollection; this is the SF-flavored novel that’ll be starring heavily adapted versions of two of my former MUSH characters, Shenner Veery and Tance Vokrim.

When last I was working on this one, I’d restarted from scratch since I’d gotten about four chapters in and it wasn’t really coming together for me. So I punted that work to Draft Zero and restarted the first draft. I’m still a little ways in on Chapter 1, working on the scene where Shenner first meets Tance and sees he’s got “mark” written all over him. Tonight I was in the mood to throw a few words at that. A hundred or so words is definitely only a few, and it didn’t take me out of Chapter 1 yet. But that pointer did by gods advance.

Little by little, I will get back into the habit of daily writing again. Even if I have to do it a few tiny blurts of words at a time.

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