Bone Walker


Back to Bone Walker exclusively tonight, just because that’s where the words seemed to want to go. Still working on the fight scene between Christopher, Kendis, and the nogitsune, and figuring out how to choreograph the actions so that a) they all move farther along the trail to the north, and b) Melisanda has an opportunity to show up and help them drive off the last of the nogitsune. Not quite there yet but at least there was more than a page’s worth of progress tonight.

I kind of want to push for 500 words tonight, but on the other hand, I need to go to bed. And also, I think it’ll actually encourage me more to write tomorrow if I can maintain this feeling of “more writing needs doing!” It’s all about the pacing myself.

Written tonight: 355
Chapter 7 total: 2,078
Bone Walker total (first draft): 18,812

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