Faerie Blood

Nominations are now OPEN

Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time for you to submit your nominations for the following vital question:

“What should Anna name her Nook?”

I shall accept nominations for the next two weeks, so you have until February 16th to submit your suggestions! On that day I shall open an official poll for voting, and the winner of same will receive one of the following, their choice:

  1. A $25 gift certificate to the Drollerie Press bookstore
  2. Free copies of both Faerie Blood and Defiance
  3. A free print copy of the Drollerie book of their choice

So let’s hear your suggestions, folks! For convenience’s sake, if you’re reading this post on LJ, Dreamwidth, or anywhere else, do please click through to angelakorrati.com and drop your comments on the original post. Thanks and I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

ETA: LJ, Dreamwidth, or otherwise LJ-like site users, please do click through to the original angelakorrati.com post to leave comments with your nominations! I really do need all the votes in one place so as to better keep track of them all, and to also accommodate non-LJ users. Thanks all!

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