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General greetings to new readers, and also, Nanowrimo!

I’d like to issue a general shoutout to a bunch of the folks from the Outer Alliance. We’ve all been going on a Friending spree lately and checking out each other’s journals, and several of y’all are now listening in here via Livejournal. LJ people already reading, please feel free to drop a comment and say hi to the new folks. And if you’re actually reading this from angelakorrati.com, hi as well and don’t feel shy; grab a chair, raise a jar, and drop a comment to introduce yourself.

Anyway, for those of you just tuning in, I’m Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. Anna the Piper, and wherever you’re reading me from, I’m the author of Faerie Blood from Drollerie Press. When I’m not posting on angelakorrati.com about my writing, I am posting from annathepiper.org about everything else. By “everything else”, I generally mean “Great Big Sea, periodic jam sessions at my house, and books”. Lots and lots of books. You’ll see me post a lot of book reviews as I endeavor to top my annual goal of 100 books per year.

Right now though I’m probably about to enter extensive radio silence, given that Nanowrimo is upon us, and I need to start work on Faerie Blood‘s sequel. I will endeavor to post regular updates on my progress, and I’m also officially signed up on the Nanowrimo site as annathepiper. Feel free to keep tabs on my progress in either place! And for those of you who are also tackling Nanowrimo this year, good luck!

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