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Day 2 of sales: proceeding nicely!

Well, yesterday’s numbers weren’t as awesome as Monday’s–but that said, yesterday was still my third best sale day ever for Faerie Blood, so I’d say that was still a triumph!

Many, many thanks to those of you who’ve bought either Faerie Blood OR Valor of the Healer thus far, or signalboosted. Please, please do keep signalboosting, it helps immensely!

(Note in particular as well that on the Valor of the Healer post, I’ve updated that to include links off to the official pages for the other Carina titles participating in the promotion. I encourage anyone who’s interested in seeing Carina’s other SF/F offerings to check those out!)

If you’re on Twitter, here are a couple of shortened URLs you can use to plug into tweets, which go to the two posts I made with full info on the sales (and of course you can use these URLs on Facebook or Google+ or wherever, but the shortened URLs are ideal for Twitter):

Valor of the Healer link:

Faerie Blood link:

If you’re on Tumblr, I have two posts up there that you can reblog if you’re so inclined. Those posts are:

For Faerie Blood:

For Valor of the Healer:

Looking forward to seeing what my numbers do today! 😀


And now, the news!

First off, I have STUFF ON SALE! I’ve been yapping about this all weekend, and if you’re seeing this post on my site, you can probably see the text announcement I’ve got right under the top menu.

For those of you who AREN’T reading this post on my site, and who missed me yapping about it all weekend, hey, Faerie Blood is now ON SALE! 99 cents for the book, and I’m waiving shipping charges for anyone who wants to buy a print copy from me!

ALSO! Carina is putting Valor of the Healer on sale for 99 cents as well! This sale will be running through 7/19! Now would be a real good time to grab this ebook if you haven’t already–and if you’re so inclined and you want to scamper on around to read Vengeance of the Hunter, that wouldn’t suck either! Full details on that are on this post!


Speaking of Carina, they’ve put up a genre spotlight post to emphasize that why yes, Carina does sell fantasy novels! C’mon over and check out what other new releases besides mine Carina’s got in the genre, won’t you?

AND, my Here Be Magic peeps have a post up highlighting Sonya Clark’s new release, the various titles of ours Carina’s put on sale, and a few extra goodies available as well! Check it out!


They handed out the Locus awards for 2014 last night, right here in Seattle! Congratulations to all of the winners, and y’all should go clickie for a roundup of Things You Might Want to Add to Your Reading Lists.


That’s the news for this Monday!

Valor of the Healer

Valor of the Healer is now ON SALE for 0.99!

Carina Press has now commenced the $0.99 price promotion for Valor of the Healer! Which means that if you haven’t read it yet, now would be a really good time to grab it. This promotion will be running through July 19th, so this price WILL be a limited-time offer!

As of this morning I can confirm that the price is set on all the major ebook vendors where Carina does business. So here are the links!

Carina Press | Amazon | Nook | iTunes | Kobo | Google Play

All other places you can buy the book, including international links, are on the Valor of the Healer page!

A few quick questions you may be having:

I don’t own an ereader! Can I buy the book?

If you don’t want to buy the book from any specific device ecosystem, your best bet will be to buy directly from the Carina Press site, at least if you’re in the US or Canada. (For reasons of possible problems using international payment methods, which is out of my control, apologies in advance for that!) If you’re elsewhere I recommend the Kobo link or Google Play.

However, keep in mind that you don’t need a specific ereader device in order to read ebooks. Assuming you own the computer you’re reading this post on, several of the major ebook vendors have desktop apps you can use to read their stuff. Amazon has a Kindle app, B&N has a Nook app, Apple has iBooks, and Kobo has a desktop app as well. Depending on who you buy from you may also have the ability to just read the book right on the web.

All of these vendors should also have apps available you can use to read books on your smartphone or tablet, if you have a device that falls into either category.

But I want a print edition!

Apologies, but so far my Carina titles are digital-only. If this sale does well, though, it’ll help improve the chances that Carina might decide to add me to the list of authors they put into print.

So if you’d like to see that happen, I strongly encourage you to buy the book if you haven’t already. Buy it as a gift for ebook-reading friends, if you like! And especially, spread the word.

Are other Carina titles on sale right now?

YES! Several other fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal romance titles are involved in this price promotion. Look for:

Any other questions?

Let me know!

Carina Press

How Apple users can get my Carina books in the UK

We’re having an interesting discussion on the Carina authors’ loop, where a few of us have reported in that readers in the UK can’t get Carina titles via the iBookstore. As Carina titles are available in the US iBookstore, you can expect we find this a little frustrating!

We’ve also been discussing that Carina’s own site has issues with not accepting UK-based methods of payment, so that means directing UK readers to the main Carina site won’t necessarily be a workable solution, either. Also frustrating!

However, we have determined that there are still viable ways for UK-based readers who happen to be owners of Apple devices to get Carina books. The drawback to this is that you have to be willing to buy books from sources other than the iBookstore.

(This post is long, so the details are behind the fold.)

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Boosting the Signal

Boosting the Signal: Special Interests, by Emma Barry

Today’s Boosting the Signal entry is from another fellow Carina Press author, Emma Barry, author of the contemporary romance Special Interests. As you might guess from the title, this one’s got a romance blooming in one of the most cutthroat places imaginable—Washington, D.C.! Emma’s heroine Amelia Frank has to juggle the stress of a hostage situation and attracting the interest of Parker Bennett, who works for the Senate Majority Leader. Who’s deeply troubled that Amelia’s idealism is putting a dent in his jaded cynicism, as her piece highlights! Countdown to Amelia melting his cold heart in 3… 2…


Special Interests

Special Interests

(The following was retrieved from a trashcan. It was presumably unsent.)


TO: Amelia Frank, Construction Workers of America
FROM: Parker Beckett, Office of the Senate Majority Leader
SUBJECT: Budget Negotiation

In light of the meeting conducted a few minutes ago between CWA members and the Majority Leader’s staff, it is clear distrust and misinformation linger. We will not be throwing labor under the bus in any—still hypothetical—deal with the House. But the negotiation is taking place within a certain framework and political realities must be acknowledged.

And really, Ms. Frank, I think more than a little bit of this is personal. I want to apologize, officially, for rejecting your advances at Tom Tom last week. I am sorry. Further, I didn’t know you were going to be in the meeting today. I wouldn’t have risked poisoning the negotiation with personal feelings.

To be clear, it’s not that I’m not attracted to you. I’ve spent more than a little bit of time thinking about you since we met. But all the reasons that caused you to yell at me in front of the Legislative Director and Chief of Staff today are precisely why I wouldn’t go home with you. I’m a cynic. I don’t have any principles or ideals. I would sell out my grandmother to get a deal done.

Okay, probably not. I’m very fond of my grandmother.

But I’d sell out lots of other people’s grandmothers. I do it every day.

I’m not certain how this town hasn’t rotted you yet, Millie, but I won’t be responsible for doing it. It would be a crime to take the spark out of your smile, to put doubt in your soul, to dim the openness in your eyes—and I just won’t.

(See? I told you I’d been thinking about you. You even have me writing asides in memos. Gah.)

In closing, the Majority Leader’s Office wants to reaffirm its commitment to the working people of the United States and to our shared values. Those principles will guide the continuing negotiations.


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Boosting the Signal

Boosting the Signal: Crucible, by T.D. Wilson

Meanwhile, post #2 of today’s Carina Press doubleheader on Boosting the Signal is for the SF/F lovers among you! T.D. Wilson’s second book in his Empherium Chronicles series has dropped, and with it, he offers up this piece on how one of his alien characters rises to a noble goal: opposing the destruction of new human friends and their civilization. Check it out.




Humans. They are a fascinating species whose lives are entangled in unexplainable drama and contradictions. The ones who arrived on this planet they call Cygni 4 are full of passion and the desire for adventure, often at great risk. Yet they are fragile creatures. Much like the delicate crystals fashioned for each new life in a Cilik’ti birthing, their bodies cannot sustain their structure under great physical stress.

The great invasion against the humans initiated by the Chi’tan, the leaders of the Shi Council, and their allies was a testament to how little the Shi understand humans. This one has studied much of that conflict. Human death tolls were in the multitudes beyond egregious and still they found the will to fight on. Despite the lauding of great victories by the Chi’tan, those lives were extinguished without honor. The trophies of conquest brought home to display in front of the Shi council were hollow and worthless.

The N’lan, this one’s Shi, was not a part of the conflict and stood opposed to the idea that any Shi should annihilate a species based on presumption of a threat. The human colonists on this planet knew nothing of the Shi, until Captain Hood and his ship arrived. Even after the colonists’ accidental discovery of this one’s observation cave in the canyon, this one was not feared or shunned. The colonists embraced the opportunity to study and learn. This one’s mission on this world was the same—to listen, to observe and to understand.

In the quiet darkness of the cave, this one could hear the thoughts of the colonists nearby. Through concentration, their feelings and surface thoughts became clear, especially those from Commander Jillian Howard. This one has spent much time with this female. The humans speak of a bond called friendship, a sense of mutual trust and admiration. This one has finally understood, but it has already been put to the test. This one does not blame Captain Hood. His revelation of her younger sibling’s death during the invasion of the human’s system was harsh, but she would have discovered soon anyway. This one can sense her anger and her fear. Even now, this one’s presence reminds her of his death. Her pain is strong and it echoes through this one’s body. It is odd. Cilik’ti do not share their feelings in this way. This one did not know it was possible.

It no longer matters now. The Chi’tan are coming. They will bathe this world in destruction and the humans here will be no more. It is their way. This one has done what was necessary to warn them, but there is little hope. The N’lan can stop this. They have chosen not to. Their inaction is shrouded in the same shame from years past when the Chi’tan and their allies had annihilated other species in the false search for worlds to satisfy their lust for destruction. They have lost their way.

The N’lan will not act, so this one must. This one will remain here and face what end may come. This one is not afraid to face the end of life, but this one fears for those humans—those new friends—who stand against the Chi’tan. The N’lan must be reminded of who they are. To stop the bloodshed, there is no other way.

~Kree O’ta N’lan


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Boosting the Signal

Boosting the Signal: Dragons & Dirigibles, by Cindy Spencer Pape

This is a fun one, folks, because today’s Boosting the Signal guest is none other than Carina’s powerhouse mistress of steampunk romance, Cindy Spencer Pape! She’s got a brand new book in her ongoing series, the Gaslight Chronicles! And the goal of her heroine Melody McKay? Get back into the sky. No matter what irritating earls may be in her way.


Dragons & Dirigibles

Dragons & Dirigibles

Airships are my life. Designing, building and then flying a machine that soars above the clouds is about the most exciting, exhilarating career I can imagine.

And that explains why I’m still a spinster. In Queen Victoria’s England, what man is going to accept an airship engineer and pilot as a wife? As far as I can tell, exactly none, since I have no intentions of giving up flight if I ever do settle down. Still, sometimes it does feel like life is passing me by. My brother and sister are both married now, along with my best friend, Wink. I have a gorgeous nephew and my sister-in-law is expecting twins any day. I suppose my role in life is to be the crazy auntie who takes the kiddies on dirigible rides.

At least that was my plan until my perfect, crash-free record was broken when someone shot—that’s right, shot—my prototype silent-flight airship out of the sky. And wouldn’t you know it, I ended up on the lawn of an earl who thinks women ought to be wrapped in cotton wool and trotted out for teatime. He’s stifling his poor niece, who’s a fun little imp. I wonder what it would take to get the stick out of his arse? Or maybe it’s a mast, since he used to be a Navy man. He might almost be handsome if he’d actually smile for a change.

Thanks to a sprained ankle, I’m stuck here in Devon at his gloomy old manor house, while he’s trying to investigate a smuggling ring. Since I think it was the smugglers who shot me down, I’m inclined to help. Even if he doesn’t want me to. Maybe in the process, I can get it through his thick head that females are more than just brainless baubles.

As soon as that’s done, I am soooo out of here and heading back to London, where I belong.


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