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Trilingual Harry Potter Reread

Announcing my next Trilingual Reread: Harry Potter!

Now that I’ve FINALLY finished off the Trilingual Hobbit Reread, I’m going to do another one–and this time I’ll be doing Harry Potter! This has been inspired in no small part by the Harry Potter reread they’ve been doing on, and how I never did actually get around to reading book 7. But before I read book 7, I need to reread 1-6. (Oh DARN whatever shall I do.)

Thanks to the ease with which I can get multiple language editions of the stories off of Pottermore, I have the English, French, and German editions of Book 1 of the series all in ebook form now. (I think it’s pretty neat, actually, that Pottermore sells ebook copies of the series in so many languages–they’ve got several others besides French and German, and I gotta say I’d be tempted by the Japanese if I had the first clue about how to read the characters!)

(However, important note of interest–Pottermore did NOT let me buy the UK English editions of the ebooks, even though it did let me get the French and German. The site has some sort of geoIP checking in place that saw I was in the US, and one presumes that Rowling’s publishers have territory agreements in place to dictate where the English editions are sold. Which is weird given that the ebooks aren’t being sold with DRM on them, but territory restrictions are NOT the same thing as DRM. So.)

And in the interests of seeing if I can whip through the posts faster, I’m going to change the format of them a bit. I’m going to include a general commentary section for overall reactions to the action, as I did with most of the latter Hobbit posts. But I’m going to prune down the language commentary and will keep it to a few general sections:

* The longest bit I’m able to read in both French and German, and a breakdown of what that bit means
* Five vocabulary words that leap out at me in both languages
* Anything that leaps out at me as unique to either translation, particularly in regards to character names or interesting handling of story events, and particularly if one edition handles it differently than the other

I have books 1-4 of the UK editions of the stories in print and will be using those as my English edition for purposes of this story–though I will be comparing them against the US editions to see where they differ, and because I want to see what the French and German editions key off of, too.

This’ll be fun, and I hope y’all will enjoy this as much as I will!

Trilingual Hobbit Reread

Tri-lingual Hobbit re-read: Chapter 18

HOLY ILUVATAR, has it really been over a year since I originally drafted this post? Apparently! This is what happens when I’m so caught up in working on my own books, and then trying to finish up all the backlogged stuff that got shunted aside while I was writing the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy, that I wasn’t able to finish these Reread posts. But now with The Battle of the Five Armies having finally having come out and indeed now hitting digital home release, it’s about time I cleared my slate of the last of the Hobbit Reread posts!

It’s weird, after the longer chapters at the beginning of The Hobbit, to see how fast the final chapters go. Chapter 17 is not very long at all–and barely after the Battle of Five Armies has begun, you get into the aftermath, where Bilbo (and the reader through him) learns what he missed. And in which, finally, Thorin stands down from being an asshole.

I’m not going to get into comparing how this chapter ties into all the bits in the movie–because I talk about that in my movie review posts! But that said, there’s a lot here over which I must go *sniff*. This is the aftermath of the Battle of Five Armies, and it’s a hard aftermath for the survivors, with Bilbo front and center among them.

In-depth notes behind the fold!

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Trilingual Hobbit Reread

Tri-lingual Hobbit re-read: Chapter 17

It has taken me ages to get through my edits for Victory of the Hawk, you guys. But now that the end is in sight, I’ve had some cycles free up finally. Which means I can get back to the last few bits of my Trilingual Hobbit Reread!

And Chapter 17 of The Hobbit, “The Clouds Burst”, is pretty much where the Battle of Five Armies gets down to Serious Business. Which is a good place to be, given the movie that’s about to come out next month, yes?

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