I’m not quite all over the place, but you can find me in quite a few corners of the Net.

Social Networks

Twitter: I’m on Twitter as @annathepiper, and tweet a fair bit.

Facebook: I have an official Facebook page right over here. If you want to follow me in an official capacity on Facebook, that’s your best bet. Most of what I post there is mirroring blog posts.

I also have a personal account, annathepiper (or searchable by Angela Korra’ti as well). Folks are welcome to Friend me, though be advised that I blather a LOT, especially about Quebec trad. Sometimes I also blather in French. Please be advised also that I do not do Facebook games or apps unless they’re Lexulous or Farkle. Or perhaps also games by my dayjob employer!

Google+: There by Angela Korra’ti. I don’t post quite as often on G+ as I do on Twitter and Facebook (Usually my content there is just crossposts from this site), but I am nonetheless there too.

Tumblr: Annathepiper there, too. I’m not terribly active there but I do periodically reblog things and occasionally post pictures.

Goodreads: My book review posts get posted here, too. Friendings welcome.

Pinterest: I’m there yet again as annathepiper.


Since I write under two different names, I have two different Amazon Author Pages! There’s one for Angela Korra’ti, and another one for Angela Highland. Those are both easy ways to look up my work if you want to buy any title for the Kindle, or the audio edition of Valor of the Healer.

Blogging sites If you Google me you may run across, my original web page which I then retooled into another WordPress blog. Historically this has been my main site for posting everything that’s not pertinent to my writing, including book reviews, posts about my learning to play Irish music and going to local sessions, squeeing about Great Big Sea or about all of my favorite Quebecois trad bands, and general life updates.

However, starting in 2013 I began posting that content here. It was cumbersome for me to manage two blogs at once, and I wanted to consolidate my posting activity in one place!

Regardless, my posts here mirrors over to the Livejournal-clone site Dreamwidth, which receives crossposts from this site. Feel free to friend me there if you’re on that service.


I have multiple email addresses, but the best one to reach me at is annathepiper on Gmail.

Call Me Beep Me If You Wanna Reach Me

Last but not least, feel free to use this form if you need to send me a quick message.

(However, please read my FAQ before you reach out to me, in case something you want to know is already covered there. In particular, if you’re about to try to contact me regarding running sponsored content or ads on my site, see the bottom of the FAQ, in which I have already answered this question: short form, no. See this post for a longer explanation of this policy. Thank you for your cooperation.)

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