Blog Post Series

Posts on this site will often fall into several particular categories, and this page is the reference point for them.

Advice on Self-Publishing

This is a series of posts I’ve been working on about my experiences self-publishing Faerie Blood. There’s more to come on those posts, which are here.

Album Reviews

While I’m operating purely as a fan here rather than a formal reviewer of any kind, I semi-regularly post reviews of albums I like in the folk/trad genre–particularly Quebecois trad. You can find those posts here.

Book Log

I also have a pretty long history of writing book reviews, both on my blog and on Goodreads. I’ve backed off on this pretty hard since I started publishing my own stuff, but nonetheless, my book review posts can be found here.

Great Big Sea

Great Big Sea, my all-time favorite band, tends to dominate a lot of my posts! So they get their own category, and you can find all those posts right here.

Quebecois Music

Quebecois traditional music is my other big musical fandom, and I post a great deal about the various bands I follow in the genre. All my posts about that are here.

The Trilingual Hobbit Reread

Because when you’re a Tolkien nerd and a language geek, reading The Hobbit in one language just is not enough. When the Hobbit movies started ramping up for production, I was also ramping up on wanting to improve both my French and my German. I’ve been slowly re-reading The Hobbit not only in the original English, but in French and German translation as well.

All my posts on this ongoing effort can be found here.

How to Read Ebooks (2010-2011 Posts)

I’m an ebook author, so it is of course in my best interests to make sure that any of you folks who might want to read my work have the ability to do so! And since I am also a voracious reader of ebooks myself, I periodically get asked questions like “what format should I buy ebooks in?” or “what ereader should I get?”

These are the posts I did back in 2010 and 2011 about how to read ebooks.