About Me

Color-Hair Anna

Color-Hair Anna

Hi, I’m Angela Highland, a.k.a. Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. Anna the Piper. I’m an author, a software geek, and an amateur musician!

Like quite a few authors these days, I write under two different names. Think of them, if you will, as versions of me from alternate dimensions. Or for the Whovians among you, different regenerations that happen to be currently visiting the same point in time!

Angela Highland is the name under which I commercially publish. As of April 2013, the first of my books published under that name became available: Valor of the Healer, book 1 of the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy! You can expect an Angela Highland title to be SF/F with strong romantic elements.

Angela Korra’ti is the name I use for my self-published works, currently including Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, as well as the rest of the works I hope to publish set in the Warder universe. Music, magic, and computer geekery are what you can expect from the Warder universe books–lighter-hearted urban fantasy than much of the norm.

Anna the Piper is my online nickname, and what I use for a handle pretty much everywhere on the net.

All of my online selves, though, are in strong agreement on the awesomeness of Great Big Sea, Quebecois traditional music, Doctor Who, Castle, extremely bad monster movies, learning French, learning tunes on the flute, and the fluffiness of our household cats. And I hope you’ll enjoy what I’m writing, no matter what name it’s got on it!

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