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May 4, 2012


The free, DRM-free, and Kickstarter-provided books are awesome roundup!

Picked up from Angry Robot Books today from their 50 percent off DRM-free sale:

  • Roil, by Trent Jamieson. Fantasy/steampunk.
  • Morlock Night and Infernal Devices, by K.W. Jeter. Steampunk.
  • Hard Spell, by Justin Gustainis. Urban fantasy/detective noir.
  • Blackbirds, by Chuck Wendig. Horror/urban fantasy.
  • Empire State, by Adam Christopher. Urban fantasy/noir.
  • Camera Obscura and The Great Game, by Lavie Tidhar. Steampunk.
  • Sixty-One Nails, by Mike Shevdon. Urban fantasy.
  • Moxyland, by Lauren Beukes. Urban fantasy.

And, picked up for free at work because our licensing department had a bunch of free copies:

  • Unearthed, Submerged, and Vanished, all by Jordan Gray. These are the rest of the Mystery Case Files books put out by Harlequin–i.e., the books very loosely based upon our Mystery Case Files games at work! Kind of obliged to read these, I think. 😉

And, picked up because Kickstarters are awesome and I love this whole idea of throwing money directly at people to make art go (not that I have a vested interest in that or anything):

  • No Dominion, by C.E. Murphy. Urban fantasy, a companion tale to the Walker Papers, from the point of view of cab driver Gary. Cannot wait to read this now that I’ve finished Raven Calls!

This’ll put me at 65 for the year!

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Kickstarter update: $4K achieved so here’s sample chapters!

As I sent out in my last Kickstarter update, I’m thrilled to announce that we have now achieved $4,000 and FULL FUNDING!

Accordingly, as promised, here are the next sample chapters of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker!

Faerie Blood Chapter 4

Bone Walker Chapter 4

Since the project is now fully funded, these will be the last of the sample chapters I’ll post! But we do still have eleven days to go, so there are still teasers I’ll be able to share with you–and on Monday, Dara and I will have a music announcement to share for those of you interested in the soundtrack!

Several of you have sent kind congratulations over Twitter or Facebook or in email, and thank you all very much for that! Thank you also for your support and your boosting of the signal!

And remember, if you still want in, there’s still time! There’s always room for more in this kitchen party, up until May 16th! Grab a chair, raise a jar, and join us! Only $358.77 to go until Dara and I can deliver the soundtrack to all backers at $25 or above!

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Kickstarter update: 94 percent! Almost there!

GRACIOUS, a LOT of new backers have come in today! I’m thrilled to announce that we’re at 96 backers now with 94 percent funding!

Only four backers to go until somebody else gets a free ebook copy of the original, Drollerie edition of Faerie Blood, which will cease to be available once the Kickstarter is finished and I deploy the ebook of the new version out for sale! The changes in the text between versions won’t be huge, but they will be there, so hopefully it’ll amuse sharp-eyed readers to find where the changes are.

And only a scant $215.77 to go until full funding of the project! At that magic $4K mark, I will post Chapter 4 of both novels. AND, whoever gets me over that line, remember, is going to get an automatic bump up two reward levels!

AND, because we’re getting down to brass tacks here, people, a note about stretch goals!

As previously announced, if the project cracks $4,500, Dara and I will be offering the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker soundtrack to all backers at $25 or above!

And now I will also announce that if we crack $5,500, I will also throw in Book Three to all backers who have put in for any reward tier that gets them Books 1 and 2–that’s the $20 reward tier for both ebooks, and $50 for the tier that gets you both ebooks and both paperbacks! Book Three will take longer to deploy, because I haven’t even finished Book Two yet–but trust me when I say that that book will be chock full of Christopher-backstory, visit-to-St.-John’s, musical and magical goodness! And if you’re liking Kiri’s gorgeous, gorgeous cover art for Faerie Blood, just imagine how she’s going to draw Elessir and Christopher for the second and third books!

If you want in on the race to the finish line, clickie! Every little pledge will help get us there! No matter what the size of your pledge or the range of your signal boost, thank you, thank you ALL, for the support love you’re showing today. Let’s see if we can get this ship home!