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April 28, 2012

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Kickstarter update: $3K! Shiny milestone rewards! Stretch goals!

Many thanks to incoming new backers today, especially to backer Cyn, who has pushed us over the $3,000 mark! Cyn therefore wins the Dramatic Character Death opportunity, and will get to consult with me on the character to be named as she chooses, in what story the character appears, and the manner of the character’s Dramatic Death!

But that’s not all, folks, because now that we have cracked the 75 percent mark, I can share with you a few more awesome things! First up, as promised, I present to you Chapter 3 of both Faerie Blood and Bone Walker!

Faerie Blood Chapter 3

Bone Walker Chapter 3

Second, and hopefully just as if not more enticingly, I will now make this initial announcement about the stretch goals that are in store if the project goes over its goal!

The first of this will be Book 3 of the Kendis books, as of yet untitled, which is still in the planning stages. Of this book, though, I can tell you this–part of it will be set in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and will provide some followup to the backstory of Warder Christopher MacSimidh, as well as some things I’m laying down in Bone Walker. I’m actually getting to visit St. John’s this summer, and am very, very much looking forward to seeing the place firsthand, in no small part so I’ll be able to portray it properly in the book!

And the second of these, about which my beloved Dara and I are both very excited, is a musical soundtrack to accompany the novels! We are in talks with musicians local to us who are interested in participating, and we will be using Dara’s own studio to record it. It promises to include not only several traditional sets that fit in well with the characters of the books, but also “Something’s Coming” out of Dara’s own work under the aegis of Crime and the Forces of Evil!

Don’t forget, though–the next backer, #75, will get a free ebook copy of the Drollerie edition of Faerie Blood, and I will keep handing those out to every 25th backer. And at the $3,500 mark, I’ll hand out one signed PRINT copy of the Drollerie edition of the book as well!

Many, many thanks to you all, and again, huge congrats to Cyn!

Quebecois Music

Le Vent du Nord and Genticorum videos!

Because YouTube loves me this weekend and wants me to have awesome things, I bring to you three brand new videos posted by YouTube user bordurat, who clearly has a lock on all the best Quebecois band videos, and two older ones from the same user’s posts.

Videos behind the fold! The three new ones are from Le Vent du Nord’s recent CD launch party in Montreal–so all the between-song stage talk is in French, too fast for me to follow, but the videos are long and have two songs each, so they are quite worth your time. The two older ones are Genticorum, who I feature here now since those boys are putting in a powerful bid to become my Official Second Favorite Quebecois Band (though I reserve final judgement until De Temps Antan gets out here in August)!

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