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March 2012


Book roundup because I haven’t done one in a bit

Picked up for my Nook by way of Pottermore:

  • All seven of the Harry Potter books, and yeah I don’t think I need to tell any of you who wrote those. Now this means I can actually read Book 7 on my Nook and won’t have to worry about a big ol’ hardback being difficult to carry around! The interesting thing here was buying the books directly from Pottermore, yet the experience was very seamless–I was able to click a button and have the books shunted over into my Nook library right on Clearly a lot of behind the scenes tech work was done here. Well done, dev and QA teams responsible for making that work well!

Also picked up recently from

  • Dead Politician Society, by Robin Spano. This is a mystery, and was a Free Fridays offering. Moderately well-reviewed on Goodreads, so I went ahead and yoinked it down.
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke. Bought because it was so well received in general, because it was pretty nicely priced, and because was running a promotion wherein if you buy a couple of books off a specific list, you got a $5 gift card, woo.
  • Master and Commander, by Patrick O’Brian. Because the Aubrey-Maturin books are finally on the Nook WOO! And because of the aforementioned promotion. ๐Ÿ˜€

And, yoinked from Carina Press:

  • Gate to Kandrith, by Nicole Luiken. Bought because this slants more towards “fantasy with romantic elements”, rather than “romance in a fantasy setting”, which is Relevant to My Interests!
  • Inheritance of Shadows, by Janis Susan May. Because Gothic mystery FTW!

42 for the year!

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Test print copies of Faerie Blood! Whoa!

Okay, I say this entirely cognizant of how I am a big ol’ geek and of how much I loves me my ebooks: whoa, it gave me a bit of a shiver when userinfosolarbird brought me home these!

These, O Internets, are the only two print copies of the Drollerie edition of Faerie Blood that will ever exist. Dara and I have had Third Place Press print them up so that we could have a prop for the Kickstarter video we’re about to do–to show you exactly what the machine they use to make books can produce! And even knowing this, knowing these aren’t really the “official” printed copies of the book I’d like to share with you all, the sight of them still made me go holy crap this is a book with my name on it, in a way that the Drollerie ebook on my Nook or my iPad or iPhone never has.

userinfoapel has observed quite correctly to me on Twitter that there is a magic in tangible things, and I’m not at all immune to that even if so many of my books are in digital form these days.

I cannot wait to see the second edition of Faerie Blood, complete with Dara’s full layout and Kiri Moth’s awesome cover art, in this printed form. And I really hope y’all will get as big a kick out of it as I will, and jump in on the Kickstarter when it goes live! Join me, won’t you? Thank you!

Quebecois Music

And now: language geeking with De Temps Antan lyrics!

So, De Temps Antan, right? One of the cluster of fine Quebecois bands I’ve been a-swoon over this entire year, in no small part due to the excellent vocals and bouzouki of M. Éric Beaudry. These boys have a very handy PDF of lyrics posted on their site for their first album. There is not, however, an equivalent PDF for their second, current album, Les habits de papier!

Of the songs on this album, three have muscled their way onto my Francophone Favorites playlist: “La turlutte du rotoculteur”, “Pétipétan”, and “Grand amuseur de filles”. The first has no lyrics as it is a double firebomb of turlutte + bouzouki, fiddle, and harmonica action. <3 I found lyrics for the second, for which I am extremely grateful, given that the chorus is a machine-gun spray of syllables and I had to see them transcribed to begin to try to sing it!

You would know, however, that the one where M. Beaudry sings delicious lead, "Grand amuseur de filles", is the one I can't actually find any lyrics for at all! *^_^*;;

So, I told myself, here's a brilliant idea–let's see if I can listen hard to these lyrics and see if I can identify ANY WORDS IN THEM WHATSOEVER. And since I've gotten involved with other local fans of Quebecois music and we have our little Chanson et langue group going, we're seeing if we can transcribe the lyrics ourselves!

I played with this some today with the help of userinfovixyish and userinfoeeyorerin, who reported to me that the third verse was basically talking about the singer trying to cheer up his sad, sick friend by hauling him off to a strip club, quote, “as you do”. Erin then informed me, and I quote, “I feel this entire song needs to be punctuated with eyebrow waggles, ‘as you do’, or ‘that’s what he said!'” (Which appears to be a very apt description of most of the songs that have gotten onto my aforementioned Francophone Favorites playlist. I keep getting all of the bounciest, stomping-est songs onto this list and then I find out what they mean and I’m all O RLY? >:D )

And I’m amusing myself mightily with the help of Dejah of the Chanson et langue group, who has way more French than I do, though she’s flailing almost as hard as I am on the latter verses of the song.

Here are a random sampling of phrases I was rather stunned I actually heard correctly, based on comparing with Dejah’s much better transcription of at least the initial verses:

  • Chanter la chanson de ma jolie maรฎtresse (sing the song of my pretty mistress)
  • Deux ou trois amants (two or three lovers) (see previous commentary re: O RLY? >:D )
  • Allons-y donc, allons aux cabaret! (let’s get to the cabaret!)

And I got several scattered other bits of phrases, like “faut la quitter” and “avec un jeune garçon”, and I haven’t yet confirmed but am pretty sure of having heard “je ne fais que pleurer” and “la fleur de la maisson”. Man, trying to transcribe words in a language you barely know is HARD and FUN and Dejah is right–doing this with music is way more entertaining than out of a textbook!

Great Big Sea

Alan Doyle! May 22nd! The Tractor Tavern in Seattle! BE THERE!

And speaking of things that will involve so much awesome they will violate all laws of space and time, the most belovedest of my beloved B’ys, The Doyle Himself, is about to launch his solo tour for his forthcoming album. First stop?

RIGHT HERE IN SEATTLE, BABY! At the Tractor Tavern! ๐Ÿ˜€

Be advised that tickets go on presale TOMORROW AT 10AM for members! If you’re in my usual social circles you’ve already seen me squealing about this all over the Net today, and you may have been been emailed to check on your level of interest in this show! userinfosolarbird will be buying tickets on my behalf tomorrow at 10am sharp, since it conflicts with my morning standup meeting at work. If you haven’t already checked in with me and you want in on this ticket purchase, let me know NOW!

If you’re going to be at the show anyway, please let me know as well because I’d love to look for known faces, and because showing our support for Alan in as big a group as possible will ROCK!

About Me, Great Big Sea, Music, Quebecois Music

Great Atlantic Canadian Adventure is GO!

Dara and I started serious work on booking this last night, and discovered to our chagrin that the fares for cross-country Canada trains are prohibitively expensive! So our Trainventure is going to have significantly fewer trains than expected.

But that’s OKAY. Because this entire trip is going to brimming over with so much awesome that we may have to break some laws of physics to cram all of the awesome into two and a half weeks! Hey, I’ve got a supervillain for a spouse, if anybody can break laws of physics, it’ll be my beloved userinfosolarbird!

First up–Toronto, from roughly the 24th through the 26th of July! Agenda: enjoy the hospitality of userinfocow, the very best bovine in the eastern provinces! Meet up with Susan, the most awesome Le Vent du Nord fan that ever awesomed, because we owe that woman a proper thanks for the wedding champagne! And there may even be a house concert featuring Dara at Chez Cow!

Next–Montreal, from roughly the 27th through the 30th of July! Agenda: meet userinfoframlingem and userinfoscrunchions! Convene the Independent Panel of Montreal Bagel Judges! Locate and raid the best possible music store to get me yet more Quebecois trad for my ever-growing collection, and bonus points if I can find anywhere that’ll sell me any album I’m missing with Éric Beaudry on it. ๐Ÿ˜€ Locate a bookstore and see if I’m brave enough to bring home some French SF/F! And, if at all possible, find and boing to any appropriate nearby source of podorythmie! (I note, O Internets, that there are TANTALIZINGLY OPEN HOLES in the tour schedules of Le Vent du Nord AND Les Charbonniers de l’Enfer AND De Temps Antan AND La Bottine Souriante and you had better believe that if ANY of them drop shows into this time frame, I am ALL OVER THEM.)

Next–Moncton, from July 30th through August 1st! Agenda: enjoy the company of userinfobrightbeak, and perhaps there will be another house concert! Pauline is flinging us a million awesome Moncton-area things we may be doing as well!

And last but not least–St. John’s, from August 1st through August 6th! Agenda: meet userinfolethendy and any other local GBS fan crowd peeps! Absorb the general ambience and look for inspiration for Book 3 of the Kendis and Christopher books! Attend this which will, assuming that the booking of things goes well, is in extremely easy walking distance of this place where we want to stay!

And the crowning, shining glory of this entire Adventure: go to THIS because ZOMG GREAT BIG SEA IN NEWFOUNDLAND YES B’Y! Dara and I had previously been sure it would not be possible to top the magnificent awesomeness of our beloved B’ys at the Olympics in Vancouver. Our beloved B’ys on their home turf, with a Newfoundland crowd, is very likely the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY TO DO IT. You thought I got good altitude on La Danse Verticale for Le Vent? This concert’s Movement will not only be Vertical, it may well reach ORBIT.

Bookings of planes and trains and places to stay begins TONIGHT. Any of you in these places, Internets, who want to meet up with Dara and me–let us know! We look forward to seeing you all!


The Legend of Korra!

If you love you some Avatar: The Last Airbender, and you’ve been waiting like the Murkworks for the arrival of The Legend of Korra, then you need to go RIGHT NOW to the show’s official site. They’ve posted the first two episodes as watchable right there on the site! (Note: I don’t know if it’ll work for viewers outside the US–somebody give it a try and see?)

It’s the middle of the thumbnails at the bottom of the main page, the one marked “The Legend of Korra” and running 46 minutes and change. ๐Ÿ˜€ The first two episodes are both in the one video!

Dara and Paul and I watched them last night, and oh, they were joyous. I love all the characters right out of the gate, both all the new characters and the one (much older now) familiar character who makes a brief appearance at the beginning. The updated technology adds a lovely new twist to the setting. Korra herself is great, great fun. And her polar beardog is adorable. ๐Ÿ˜€

Go! Watch! And thank the nice folks at for making the episodes available for the Internets to see!

ETA: userinfoframlingem reports that clicking on the link I gave above is redirecting her to the Korra Nation Facebook page, so it looks like this is only working for viewers in the US. Augh!

Faerie Blood

Ahoy, beta readers! All hands on deck!

I have just completed my proofing sweep through Dara’s layout of Faerie Blood, the second edition–and now Dara and I need your help, people!

We need at least three sets of eyes to read over the PDF for us. Unlike with Lament of the Dove, what we need here is not big-picture proofing–this time we do in fact need nitpicky, fine-tooth-comb level inspection! We’re looking for any layout problem here, whether big or small, so that Dara can adjust it in the final version.

Also, since I’m updating “present day” in this edition of Faerie Blood, I’ve had to adjust various references to time. Anyone who has the book’s first edition handy and who would like to sanity-check the changes I’ve made, that would be very good as well.

So if you’d like in, email me or DM me on the social network of your choice, and I’ll send you the PDF! Note that the only modifications we expect to have to do at this point are to add the names of any appropriate Kickstarter supporters to the Dedication page and to the Acknowledgements. But other than that, the text should be considered final.