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November 9, 2009

Defiance, Site Updates

Site update, and more on Defiance

In honor of the shiny new anthology Defiance being released, I’ve updated the site to celebrate the new cover. Y’all should see both of my works listed on the sidebar of my site now, and the color scheme’s been flipped back to blue to go with the new banner.

Also, I’ve shifted all my works in progress off to a new In Progress subpage of Books, because I wanted to spruce up the Books page a bit now that there are two things on it!

Please to note that so far Defiance is only available via the Drollerie bookshop, but we have it in all our usual formats: PDF, ePub, Microsoft Reader, Sony, and Mobipocket, so any of these should hopefully suit your ebook-reading needs! I will of course post further link updates as the book makes its way out into the wild. I have added the book to Goodreads, but if any of you out there who are LibraryThing users want to add it on that site, please feel free!

And oh yeah–I’ve been sent my personal copy and have gotten my editor’s leave to do a promo or two. So y’all be out on the lookout for another drawing forthcoming!

Drollerie Press, Polls, Short Pieces

Now taking requests for next FB-universe short story

My fellow Drollerie author has cordially invited me to submit something for the pair of anthologies he is editing along with , Trafficking in Magic and Magic in Trafficking. I will not be able to tackle writing something for them until after Nanowrimo is over, but December is looking potentially interesting! So all I need to do is figure out what exactly I’d like to write for them.

This is where you folks come in! I’m really rather liking the idea of using short stories to explore other glimpses of the Faerie Blood universe as I’ve already done with “The Blood of the Land”, but I’m not sure yet what sort of story might fit into the requirements for this pair of anthos. Want to help me decide? Then answer the following poll! (Readers on LJ or LJ-clones, please come on over to my WordPress site to vote!)

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Defiance, Drollerie Press, Short Pieces

The Civil War anthology is OUT!

Ooh ooh ooh, the anthology I’m in with and has just come out, people! Now available for sale on Drollerie Press’s store is the Civil War anthology Defiance, featuring our three pieces set during that time frame, each with supernatural elements in it.

My story’s “The Blood of the Land”, in the same universe as Faerie Blood. The slave woman Dorcas, who is gifted with healing powers, is escaping along with her beloved Caleb and fleeing north to Canada. But when they reach their first stop on the Underground Railroad, a farm owned by the Warder Elias Sutherland, they find Elias’ wife has been murdered by the men hunting them–and Elias’ Warder wife Jenny is not taking her slaying kindly.

Laura Anne Gilman and Joely Sue Burkhart also have excellent stories in this release, y’all, so I highly encourage you to check it out!


PSA for my fellow e-pub writers: Carina Press!

Word is going around the Net this morning that Harlequin, the grande dame of romance, is opening up a brand-new, electronic-only imprint that’s taking all genres. Points of interest about this:

  • They are specifically DRM-free.
  • If you write romance, they’re taking not only same-sex pairings, but also romances involving more than two people. All levels of sensuality are under consideration.
  • They’re taking all genres, not just romance. More interesting to me in particular, they’re accepting SF/F submissions of several varieties. SF/F with or without romantic elements to the plot is mentioned in their guidelines.

So if you have any interest in being electronically published and if in particular you’re anti-DRM, you may consider checking Carina Press out. Props to the fine ladies of Smart Bitches Trashy Books for spreading the word!